What makes a good wallpaper?


Wallpaper is kind of a new phenomenon in the world of advertising, but one that is quickly taking the advertising world by storm. What better way to advertise a product than to have it on the screen of your consumers at all times. Think about how many times you saw a wallpaper will a cool graphic depicting an epic scene, only to find out that it was an advertisement for a product.

This is a brilliant way to captivate potential customers on the guise of simply having a cool graphic. Little do they know that by using this specific wallpaper, that they are being fed information every time they look at it. Call it what you will, but wallpaper advertising has a great power that many people do not even realize.

Getting into the psychology

Humans, as entities are creatures of habit. We gravitate toward what we see on a daily basis, and are not always aware of our actions. What this means for advertisers is the ability to use these as vehicles with which to advertise products. Wallpaper, by itself should be a cool graphic that people are proud to display on their digital desktop. But at its core, it should also convey a message to potential customers.

In my experience, the best advertisements are ones that do not appear to be advertisements. In some ways, it takes a great deal of psychology to get inside the mind of the consumer. An exercise in psychology during which products must be placed without people knowing that they are being placed.


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