The web art revolution


As a classically trained artist, I grew up learning about composition using conventional, and by many rights, primitive tools. Pencils, chalk, paint, these are largely art tools of the past, due to our society becoming much more web-based. It is almost as if every aspect of our life is becoming digitized, and art is no exception.

And while I find this to be slightly disappointing, since this is what I grew up with, it offers a wide world of new opportunities and ways of expression. After all, at the end of the day, that’s the purpose of art, to express ourselves through any medium necessary. Enter the advent of web art.

The revolution begins

It sort of snuck up on me, the whole web art revolution. One minute I remember attending art gallery openings, and the next, I was checking out the works of my favorite artists online. I was freaked out at first, but then learned to love the way in which art was evolving.

Think of art as a carefully crafted cake. It is a layered representation of feelings depicted on a canvas. What the web has done was given us a larger canvas on which to work and a larger audience with which to share our art.

If the idea is that art is expression and the Internet is our new audience, web art is the best thing to happen to art since the canvas. In this brave new world, we must redefine what art is, how it is presented, and who we connect with.

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