The curious art situation


Art is a living, breathing entity to which we are all drawn, and what we all must respond to accordingly. Historically, art was done by hand, a way to tangibly connect with the world around us and explain our place in this world. The Internet in many ways changed the way in which we live and respond to our surroundings, and due to its relative newness, has posed more questions than answers.

Moving forward, we must define what we consider art, and how it is presented in our world. Earlier, I discussed the shift from physical art to digital art, but the question remains, what is now considered art? Is it the physical adaptation of our feelings, or is it simply a way to connect with others?

The answer is tricky, but there are some things to consider when asking the question of what is art.

So what is art?

In some ways, art is still the same thing it has always been, a way to connect with the world around us and share our creative energy with other humans. Digital or physical, the idea has not changed, but it has created a sort of rift between art purists and digital enthusiasts.

Digital art is in a lot of ways easier to create, which some may argue diminishes its impact on the world. Using a program to create art when it once took years to complete some may argue cheapens its impact, but the inverse is that it is now much easier to share our ideas with the world around us.

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