Salting the earth


Digital art has taken over the world and redefined how and what we consider creative design. In the old days, art would be used as a way to enhance a physical advertisement, a way to draw attention to the message at hand in a creative and eye-catching manner. Today, it is not only used in the same way, but it has changed the way that we understand art and advertising.

But since graphic art is relatively cheap to create, especially compared to physical art, where does the advertising money go? This is an interesting question and the answer is not easy to discern. One would assume that with less money spent on advertising art, that more would be put toward the content. But this is not always the case.

The link between content and art

Once we realize that art is essentially free of material costs, we begin to see where the advertising budgets go. And that is into content. Content is king on the Internet, while art is simply a necessary companion to said content. What we get is essentially salting the earth and completely revamping how we present and view advertisements. It becomes sort of an exercise in allocation of funds in a way in which was previously unrealized.

No matter how you feel about this, the fact remains: we must adapt to the modern world or lose profits as a result. No longer can we count on physical advertisements doing all of the legwork, money should be spent on content rather than physical art.


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