Local Advertising Benefits

As an artist, I have often wondered what the effects of art are on the local advertising landscape. In order to better understand how art and commerce are connected, I visited one of my friends that owns an asphalt company. A leader in asphalt San Jose, he showed me how art and local advertising is the wave of the future just as much as digital advertising is. According to my friend, the challenge lies in the details, the best way to combine art with a message to truly move customers.

The first challenge, he explained in his advertising campaign was that of letting local customers know the best way to hire a brick paver contractor. A service that is not utilized on a daily basis, but an important one, the key was to illustrate how important the service is through an advertising campaign that made sense to potential customers.

What had happened

Was that I was given a draft of the drawing used to create the eventual final advertisement. I had no idea what a brick paver looked liked, and neither did many of the people I asked. The way in which the illustration tied the advertisement to customers was by actually showing them the services they were purchasing. A small diagram to alleviate some confusion and give them a graphical representation of what they were spending their money on.

What my friend’s company was then able to do, was advertise for affordable concrete paving prices. Once people were familiar with the previous brick layer, they were able to understand the other services. There was no drawing needed, all it took was the single illustration, which allowed people to associate their new found knowledge with the company itself. 


In terms of financial gain, art plays a crucial role in connecting with customers and enhancing advertising campaigns. Whether it is through the graphic depiction that people notice, or the fact that drawings can help spread knowledge, local advertising can be the best way to tie art to advertising, to bring people together through commerce, art, and community.

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