Don’t be too clever


Art has always been subjective, a glimpse into humanity and the soul of the artist. All art is not for everyone, and some art is not for anyone. The only way to quantify good art is art that is accessible to a large number of people and that evokes emotion. I mention this because an artist, I found that there was a single way to alienate viewers and make people miss the point completely, and that was being too abstract or too clever.

There comes a point where art needs to speak to the common person, a narrative that everyone can relate to rather than a select and possibly elite few. Once I understood that the best art is art that is clear, concise and accessible is the best vehicle for reaching individuals.

How to not be too clever

There is really no way to avoid being too clever without trial and error. If you find that some aspects of your art are not being received by your audience, try to dissect the reasons for this. Look closely at your art and yourself closely, understand why people like your art, why people might not like your art, and adjust accordingly. People are entitled to their opinion, but at some point, it has to come from within.

Art is a universal joy for humanity, a tangible way to connect with each other and have something to discuss. However, it is important to remember that art should be for everyone, at least in theory.

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